Shads / SX Bullhead

Many of you have been waiting for a bait looking either like a “black-sea-gudgeon/goby” or like a classic Bullhead. Our Bullhead is not only looking perfectly, but has a classic lifelike action, guaranteed by the slices and tail area. Correct to a dot we have breathed a great touch of additional action into this bait, buy directing the big chest fins of this bait forward. So if you start moving the bait in the water forward the chest fins start laying alongside the body. While stopping the bait, the fins again move forward in the water.

Please mind, that if the watercourses you fish at have no appearance of fish looking like the bullhead (what has become very rare in recent time in any way), it is still worth giving this bait a try!

Methods: Meeresfischen, Huchenfischen, Fließwasser Zander, Stillwasser Zander, Meeresfischen

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