Twister / Twister / Shadxperts Twister

Like all kinds of Twisters and Grubs can ShadXperts-Grubs be fished universally in all kinds of waters and currents, sea and sweetwater.

Please draw your attention to a more chunky way of shape of the bodies of all the ShadXperts-offered Twisters and Grubs and therefore suggest “juicy swag” to all kinds of target fish! All Twister tails are loaded and staffed with a little bit more material, than used in common grubs leading to the fact, that tails to not bend easy in storage and therefor guarantee aperfect action in fishing.

Methods: Huchenfischen, Stillwasser Hecht/Waller, Fließwasser Hecht/Waller, Meeresfischen, Meeresfischen

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