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We have added the beloved and heavy requested „Cheburashka-bottom-weights“  to our innovative range. It is a multifunctional and individual means of weighting your softbaits!
The SX-bottom-weights have the following advantages and benefits:

  1. Flexible link of hook and weight, guaranteed by the big eyelets
  2. Softbaits with a floating plastic mixture, pop up more easy from the ground
  3. Easy and quick changing of weights, without damaging your softbait, as the hook stays in the bait
  4. BIG SOFTBAITS: As we currently offer these weights up to 30gr. these are also useful and applicable in FREE-WATER-CASTING with big softbaits. Just pre-mount your 8”-plus-softbait with stingers and nose screw and adopt weight exactly during and in fishing!
  5. Possibility of combination: you can apply weights serial in a row!
  6. Castaic Baits: Put a bottom weight onto the nose eyelet of any Platinum Baits or Ciscos, but also small Hard heads, and so make them fall faster – fish them more attractive and faster, if needed or just bring them into depth easier!
Methods: Drop Shot